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Statement, 12 April


Statement of preliminary findings and results

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       GISDI observed the Presidential Elections in Republic of Azerbaijan on 11 April 2018. The election observation mission was composed of 90 observers. They are MPs, former MPs, university professors, lawyers, journalists and election experts from 21 European countries – West and Central Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic states, Balkan Peninsula, and 17 from Bulgaria.

​       This Statement reflects our overall preliminary assessments based on our observations on electoral campaign, election day and results of Early Presidential Elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan on 11 April 2018.

       Our observations of the pre-election campaign and on election-day are giving us ground to re-confirm our basic conclusions and findings, formulated in our Interim report which we announced on 29 March, 2018.

​Election Day

  • The voting process on election day was well organized. We have not observed cases of tension or intimidation of voters. There were no cases of public demonstrations against the election managing bodies or election commissions – CEC and PEC.
  • With a few exceptions PECs have been working in their full staff throughout the e-day – from opening through voting in the morning and afternoon hours to closing and counting. All required election materials were present.
  • The overall average evaluation of e-day at the observed polling stations, according to the data gathered by our STOs, tends to be “good” or “very good”. Only very few polling stations were evaluated by our observers with “average” or “bad”. The counting process was positively assessed by our observers. They have not indicated any serious problems, including intervention by unauthorized people.  

​Election Results

  • The preliminary election results have already been announced by CEC. Percentages and electoral results are not unexpected.
  • This is apparent from the ratings, registered in pre-election surveys, as well as from the four Exit Polls on election day. The four Exit Polls on the e-day also predicted the victory of Ilham Aliyev with 82-87%. The final election result is likely to be about 86%.
  • These are the figures. In that sense the electoral result is not unexpected. There is an impressive steadiness of the electoral quotas from the elections 2003 up to date.
  • Ilham Aliyev wins decisively in these elections as in the previous three. However, this time with higher voter turnout.
  • The number of the invalid ballot papers is the statistical range of normal for such type of elections.
  • The other 7 candidates also gained electoral results, that were accurately predicted.  

​Preliminary conclusions

  • The results of GISDI overall observation of Republic of Azerbaijan Presidential Elections, held on 11 April 2018 show that they were conducted in accordance with the principles of free and fair democratic elections, thus expressing the free will of people and protecting their political and civil rights.
  • The legal electoral framework of Republic of Azerbaijan complies with most international standards for free and fair elections and reflects the national context. This election showed the high efficiency of the Electoral Code in practice and other related laws and regulations.
  • All above-mentioned concrete forms are additional steps towards pluralistic democracy. They are evidence of realisation of political and civil rights of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and as rule of law.

Statement with preliminary findings and results

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